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Hi, I’m Lucas Neves, I’m 26 years old, born in Vale do Capão, and a guide for PlanetaEXO. I have been a guide for 10 years and work mainly on crossing and overnight trails, also presenting the complete historical and cultural facts for a complete experience for travelers. I love what I do, it’s a job that I manage to combine the useful with the pleasant because my office is the mountains, the waterfalls, and the wonderful viewpoints of Chapada Diamantina, especially in Vale do Pati. It is very gratifying to be able to add to this connection between the visitors, they return home transformed and I have the opportunity to meet amazing people who always add a lot to my personal knowledge.

Even before becoming a guide, trails and waterfalls were my leisure, I always had this passion and connection to nature since I was little. I started guiding friends, and family, and then naturally I was leading visitors.

I also work as a brigadier in the Vale do Capão Volunteer Brigade, which I am part of even before starting as a professional guide, fighting forest fires in the mountains, rescuing injured in remote areas, and rescuing wild animals in urban zones.[/vc_column_text]

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PlanetaEXO sent us the best guide! Lucas Neves is a super professional, knows Pati like few others, knows everything about the trails, history, vegetation and local fauna and, in addition to taking amazing photos, he is held by security all the time! I loved the experience at Travessia do Pati and I'm sure a big part of it was because we chose the best company and had the best guide! Thank you for everything.

Marcela Fadeli (São Paulo)

"PlanetaEXO met all expectations and provided services in the best possible way. The professionals chosen are the most punctual, polite and kind.
It is necessary to open a parenthesis to talk about our guide Lucas Neves. Knowing the Pati Valley by your side was an incredible experience. The love for the place can be seen in the speech and look, which makes everyone fall in love and feel welcomed by the Valley. Lucas is generous, competent, organized and brings all the necessary security to enjoy the tour!"

Luciana Ribeiro (Belo Horizonte)

I've done some guided trekking and the one in Vale do Pati is certainly among the best. PlanetaEXO was super nice and easy to deal with for the organization (all the information was organized on the website, including the trekking route, and they were available to answer questions on whatsapp). Lucas Neves is certainly one of the best guides I've ever had: good people and super attentive with any scratches, fear, and joint pain we had along the way. The guide prepared delicious almolanches in very well chosen places, and showed us the Pati Valley from incredible angles. We loved the experience and highly recommend it!"

Luiza Boechat (São Paulo)

Oxe, I'm even speechless to describe how crazy this trail was! PlanetaEXO gave me a lot of support from the beginning to make everything work and was super available the whole time about any need I might have. And my guide, GUYS, I've never had a better guide. Super sweet, very connected to all the history and biodiversity of the park, super attentive and flexible! We arrived 'early' at the end of the trail and there was still a chat to watch the last sunset in Chapada, SUPER!"

Fernanda Jung (Porto Alegre)

Want to trek with guide Lucas to Vale do Pati?

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